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I have blogged about Wardrobe Refashion before, but this time I am official! I’ve joined up for six months. And I have a little web badge to prove it.

By officially joining up, I pledge to not buy any new, manufactured clothing for six months, and instead refashion what I already own, what I find at thrift stores, and using my existing fabric stash. The not buying new thing isn’t going to be a problem. And obviously I have a *huge* stash to draw upon, plus lots of clothes I don’t wear anymore. It’s the perfect project for me!

This challenge goes hand-in-hand with my plan to Make Something Everyday. My 365 project has already allowed me to finish a handful of UFOs (that’s “unfinished objects”) floating around, and my refashion projects will be no different. I have SO MANY clothes that I don’t wear anymore, that are too ugly/boring/dull/ill fitting for me to bother with trying to make an outfit out of them, but that are perfect for refashioning.

I’ve only done two so far (which isn’t bad, considering this is only the 2nd week of January), and the goal is to post on the Wardrobe Refashion blog once a week to keep the refashionistas up to date on what you’re up to. I posted my first official update this morning, hooray! Out of the two I’ve done so far, I know I’m going to wear this one the most:

This cardigan started out plain and quite dull, and now it is much more interesting, not to mention fitting a whole lot better. I’m sure there will be many more refashions among my daily projects, and you can check them out on my Flickr photostream. If anyone is interested, I’d be happy to put together a tutorial on how I did this to my cardigan, it was super-easy and I’m sure I’m going to give several more the same treatment. What did you make today? I want to see!


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  1. Thanks, Katy! I think my motivation will be turning all the old, unused clothes laying around my apartment into new, fun stuff!

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