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Well friends, it’s that time: the Vancouver Olympics start in just twelve days! I don’t have cable at home so I doubt I’ll catch any of them, but I do like to watch some figure skating now and then, so maybe I’ll find a way to watch some of the action.

Anyway, I am determined to challenge myself again with my own personal sewing Olympics. Last time (Beijing 2008) I tried to make a jacket, and mostly succeeded. In the intervening years I have yet to successfully complete a jacket that I would actually wear, so I am renewing that challenge for myself for Vancouver 2010. This time: a notched collar (cue cheering crowds)!!!!

I am not a knitter, so the Yarn Harlot’s original knitting Olympics and the current Olympic challenge over at Ravelry are not for me. But I love the idea of using the Olympics as a framework. Not just the idea of challenging yourself in your sport (in my case, sewing), but also the spirit of competition, although in this case I will be competing against myself. I would LOVE for any sewers out there to join me in the challenge however! Just like the knitting Olympics, our rules will be simple:

1. Start your sewing project during opening ceremonies (February 12).

2. Finish your sewing project before closing ceremonies conclude (February 28).

3. Pick a sewing project that is difficult for you, but attainable in sixteen days. You are supposed to be challenged, but don’t set yourself up for failure, or let it take over your life! That being said, sixteen days is a long time to work on one project…make it something good!

Everyone gets a gold medal if they finish. I am totally not a graphic designer, so I can’t make you a fancy “sewing Olympics” badge, but I’d be happy to post pictures of your finished objects, or perhaps we can start a Flickr group? Let me know what you think. And show me what you’re going to make!

My project: this Simplicity 4273 jacket. Notched! Collar! I am not scared!

I plan to cut out and iron my pattern before the opening ceremonies, but won’t actually cut the fabric until the torch is lit. I feel like prepping the pattern (maybe washing & drying the fabric too) counts as training. What do you think?

So, who’s with me? Spread the word!

UPDATE: Join the Flickr group and grab the badge for your blog or web site!


12 thoughts on “sewing olympics 2010

  1. I will take on the challenge. I've had the pattern and material for a vest for a while but never slowed down long enough to begin. This is the perfect opportunity for me.

  2. Awesome project! I'm so excited for the Olympics. I'm taking my sister to a woman's hockey game. Finn vs. Rus. Maybe I can crochet us some blue scarves for Finland.

  3. Virtuous Woman – I'm so glad you're going to join us! I'm using this opportunity in the same way…need to get those unfinished objects (UFOs) done!

    Jessica – that is going to be awesome, to see Olympic hockey live. You should totally turn it into your own personal craft olympics! If you do make the scarves, I want to see pictures!

  4. I think I am going to join you. I am going to make a sun dress from the One Yard Wonders book. This doens't seem like an especially challenging project, but I don't usually sew clothing, so it will be a bit of a challenge for me. And the timing of this is perfect b/c I will wear the dress when we go to FL the first week of March!

  5. I'm in and I am new to your blog. I found you from Life on 19th blog. My project is a nightie for Valentines Day. I haven't worked with anything sheer before but I am using a pattern posted on Sew Mama Sew. I made one from cotton to check the measurements, now to tackle the slinky one! Let me know when the badge is up.

  6. I'm in! I'm going to work on my daughter's quilt. The fabric is cut, but I haven't started sewing yet. It's a lap sized quilt so I think I can do it in 16 days.

  7. Hi Ladies!
    I am very excited about our growing Sewing Olympics team. Dawn from Lark Studio has created an awesome badge for us, and I've posted it over in a Flickr group that we can all use to post our patterns, progress pictures, and the final product! Check it out:

    Only four days left!

  8. Ok, I'm going to give this a try! Can't promise I'll be able to finish but it's all in good fun. Thanks for igniting the fire!

  9. I'm in as well. Not sure what I'm going to make yet, but I have lots of projects ready to go. This is a great way to focus myself and get one done! Great idea! SEW for the Gold!! LOL!

  10. You guys, this is so awesome that we are challenging each other like this. I hope I can conquer the notched collar…Sew for the Gold indeed!

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