happy new year!

Today was my first day back to work after a very long, much needed, and totally lazy holiday. I mailed my last holiday order on December 21, the day before I left for North Carolina to spend Christmas with my parents. Since then, until today, I’ve done pretty much nothing: watched TV (at my parents’ house), read trashy novels, slept really late, ate too much. It was fantastic. I did sneak in a little bit of 2010 planning for Holland Cox and a little bit of crafting (more on that later), and I also had a little cocktail party that had been snowed out on its original date. The vacation was very long, but I refuse to feel guilty. I know it was long enough because I was very glad to get back to work today!

You’ll see on the sidebar that my first event is Crystal Couture in February. I’m not used to doing events until April, so this is a big deal for me, to have something so early in the year. Also, I will be exhibiting for an entire week (!)…you locals should come out and see me! I’ve already started planning my inventory!

Also on tap is a bunch of new stuff for the Etsy store…I’ve got pictures to take and edit before that can happen, but be on the lookout! If you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook fan, you’ll know as soon as they are up.

While I generally do not make New Year’s resolutions, I do spend some time planning for the year business-wise, and setting broad goals for myself in general. One of those is to make more things. It might sound crazy, because really, isn’t my job all about sewing? Aren’t I making things all the time? But I have vowed to myself to make something every day in 2010. I think that creativity is like a muscle, and it needs to be exercised and stretched and cared for regularly if it is to stay healthy. Doing the same kind of sewing all the time won’t necessarily do that. Moreover, there are all kinds of crafty and creative things that I love to do besides sewing, that I rarely make time for. Until now!

So far, I am on the wagon, and this project has the added bonus of helping me with another goal for 2010, to make better use of my Flickr account. I have posted all of my daily projects there so far…check it out. If people want to join in, I’d be happy to make a Make Something Everyday Flickr Group, and it can be one giant year-long craft-along! I decided that all kinds of “making” will count for my project: fashion, crafting, sewing, art, foodcraft, and writing. Not that I’m going to take a picture of my turkey sandwich that I made for lunch and call it my project for the day, but when I make a special effort or try something new in the kitchen, it definitely will count. Especially for me, aka Take Out Queen. Perhaps this 365 project will help me with another goal of mine, to make food at home more often. We shall see!

Here is Day 4’s project, a 2-drawer box from Ikea that was woefully plain and ugly when I bought it, but is now an explosion of color!

I decoupaged the sides with fabric scraps, and the front of the drawers with green wrapping paper. Bright apple-y/acid green is the theme for my sewing area, as you can probably tell. Surrounding myself with pretty things while I sew makes sitting there for hours a lot more entertaining and enjoyable!

I probably won’t be blogging about my 365 project every single day; I may do a weekly roundup or only highlight projects I’m really excited about. Either way, you can see every single one on my Flickr page, which I hope to update daily. Feel free to call me out if you notice me slacking! So tell me, friends…what are you crafty plans for 2010?


2 thoughts on “happy new year!

  1. I haven't thought of any truly crafty plans yet, so count me in on your make-a-long! Clearly my creativity muscle needs to be excercised. For my business – this has been deemed "the year of good books". My financial bookkeeping for 2009 was a mess and I will not do that again!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're going to craft-along with me! I hear you on the bookkeeping…it is such a drag but a necessity.

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