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My last two “how to wear it” posts were all about the fabric. How you don’t have to let a simple pattern or wild colors hold you back when you put together an outfit. This time, I want to talk about the silhouette of the bags, the shape and size of them.

I like small bags, as you can probably tell by looking at my collections. I realize that gigantic, slouchy hobos with lots of hardware and junk hanging off them are popular right now, but I don’t care. I like my handbags petite and neat, with a bright shot of color or a bold pattern. While all Holland Cox handbags are small, the mini clutch is the tiniest of them all. You might think that this itty bitty bag is only appropriate for evenings, or maybe a daytime lunch date, but not so, my friends!

Because all Holland Cox handbags are surprisingly roomy on the inside, you can totally use the mini clutch every day. The following polyvore set pairs the tiny “red hot dot” clutch (from my summer 2009 collection) with two daytime looks – one that is casual but still quite elegant, and another, more formal office look. I can fit a ton of stuff into my mini clutch: my wallet, iPhone, keys, mirror, lipgloss, pens, tissues, eyedrops (I have bad allergies!), and even a stack of business cards! If you have one of those tiny digital cameras, you could throw that in there as well. Check it out:


business casual



Closer to the other end of the spectrum is the classic handbag. The “classic” is so named because it was the first handbag I ever designed, and the one closest to what might pop into your head when you hear the word “handbag” – it is smallish, but still very roomy, with a strap that is just long enough for it to sit snugly under your arm. You might think that the classic would only be appropriate for daytime, but here’s one way to make it work after hours:


two looks, one bag



The classic handbag in dark brown canvas and blue (human nature, from fall 2009) is obviously begging to be worn with a casual outfit centered around blue jeans, but did you think it could work with a flashy nighttime look featuring a turquoise dress and bright gold jewelry?

Show me how you wear your Holland Cox handbags!



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