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Ever since I used to show how I wore my obi belt, I have been obsessed with that web site! At first I was wary that it was soley the domain of youngsters. You’ll notice browsing through the sets, that a high number of them are centered around teen fashionistas like Leighton Meester, Emma Watson, and a whole bunch of other girls I’ve never heard of. However, there are no rules over at polyvore, so I figure I can do whatever I want.

I can’t begrudge the youngsters their fangirling, because if I had the interwebs and when I was in high school, I’m sure I would have been composing sets featuring Winona Ryder and Claire Danes. Not only is putting together the sets incredibly entertaining for me (it’s like window shopping for myself, styling for a friend, and personal shopping for an imaginary customer all at once!), it is a perfect tool to help me in my handbag evangelizing!

My evangelizing boils down to this: you do not have to buy your accessories in basic black! Go on, repeat it out loud. A corollary maxim might be this: just because you have a wildly printed handbag does not mean that you can’t use it every day. To illustrate this point, I have put together two more sets to show two extremely different looks for two of my favorite handbags from this season’s collection: the ciao baby wristlet and the cilla’s dream envelope clutch.


yellow & gray for all seasons


This one shows how the same wristlet can transition effortlessly between seasons, and look fantastic with both a formal look and a casual look. Incidentally, the wristlet is perfect for formal occasions, because you can hold a glass of champagne AND hors d’oeurves on a tiny little cocktail plate, all while keeping track of your handbag, hanging elegantly from your wrist!


This set shows how a wild print like this envelope clutch can work perfectly with a pretty, feminine outfit as well as an edgier, harder look. Is it wrong to center your outfit on a single accessory? Not in my world, it’s not. Many times have I bought clothing specifically to match a beloved pair of shoes! Anyway, I would love to see how you wear your Holland Cox handbags. Send me pictures at valerie [at] or post them on the Holland Cox Facebook fan page. I’d also love to hear what you think about the sets I’ve put together above, and to see any that you’ve put together!


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