how to wear it: mixing patterns

by Valerie

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If you are at all familiar with Holland Cox products, you know that wild patterns and bright colors are what draws me to fabrics. The bolder the better! Sometimes, however, I do pick a more subdued print, but just because it is not multi colored or wildly abstract, does not mean it won’t still be quite dramatic!

Recently, I showed you how two of my wilder handbags could still be quite versatile, as the inspiration for four very different looks. This time, I want to show you the possibilities with a handbag that is much simpler. In honor of 2009 being my fifth year in business, I named this envelope clutch “fifth anniversary,” and it is fairly simple in the grand scheme of Holland Cox designs – mostly black and white, with only a small portion of floral pattern, and only a tiny bit of color.

the 5th anniversary envelope clutch from Holland Cox

You might think that this handbag would be limiting in a different way than the more wildly printed bags. But imagine if you just stick to very narrow color scheme, but consider any combination of patterns? Stripes, dots, plaids, florals…endless possibilities!

mixing patterns


Don’t hold back! Show me how you wear your Holland Cox handbags!


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