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You may have noticed this about me, but I love to sew. I’m obsessive about it, and can actually be kind of annoying about it as well, talking about it all the time and trying to get everyone I know to sew as well. One of things people mention as an obstacle when I try and get them to start sewing, is the lack of sewing machine. Well, there are two options to deal with that problem!

1. If I know you, you are welcome to come over and use one of my two machines!
2. If I don’t know you, you can go to the Sewing Cafe!

Honfleur Home, a new incarnation of a store full of lovely things in Silver Spring, has added sewing machine lab hours to their offerings! It’s a brilliant idea – for those of you who want to dabble a bit without committing to purchasing a machine, this is your place! They also have sewing classes if you want some instruction (another great source for sewing classes: G Street Fabrics, my fave local fabric store). They use Baby Locks at Honfleur and Berninas at G Street…both excellent, lovely, beautiful machines that are a joy to use.

Now that you have a place to sew and a place to get tips (not to mention two excellent sources of beautiful fabric…they sell Marimekko at Honfleur!!!), now you need something to make, yes? Well, soon I will be able to help you with that too. I’m working on a few tutorials for simple sewn accessories that are perfect for beginner sewers. Look for them next month, after I have time to recover from the Richmond and Raleigh shows! Luckily, sewing is fun, useful, and therapeutic all year ’round. In the mean time, head over to Honfleur or G Street to learn the basics. Have fun!


2 thoughts on “personal crusade

  1. What do you do about someone (i.e. ME) who has a sewing machine but sucks at it? I get frustrated when I try to sew. Great tip on the fabric store!

  2. Actually, G Street has a special class designed to help you learn your machine. You bring in your own machine and they have their sewing experts teach you all about its little quirks and special features.

    Sewing machines are kind of like cars in that once you learn to drive you can theoretically drive any car; but every model has its own little quirks that are nice to know about!

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