Today is my fourth blogoversary! It’s funny to think I’ve been at this for four years. 2005 seems an awfully long time ago…eeep. A lot has changed since then, and except for not being able to fit into my snakeskin pants anymore (although, is that really a tragedy?), I’d say all the changes have been for the better. 🙂

Of course, I don’t update nearly as much as I should or as much as I want to. I will vow to do better, I promise!

Last year, I *forgot* my blogoversary because I was so totally consumed with all the craziness of the DEKKA opening – I think I had an event every single weekend last April, plus two craft shows. It was painful, for sure.

The biggest change is definitely that I am doing this full time now! Yes friends, the day job is no more; we have parted ways, and I’m quite sure we are better off without each other. I think everybody knows (including those in charge at the day job) that I care more about sewing and handbags and indie business and craftiness than I did about the day job…sad, unfortunate (depending on your point of view), but also 100% true. So! Here we are, and not a moment too soon: I have three shows in May, new products in the works, plans for an Etsy shop featuring the accessories, and much, much more. It’s nice to be able to spend all of my time on the things I love to do the most! Anyway, more to come on the Richmond show, the upcoming shows, and the new stuff I’ve been working on. Thanks for sticking with me all these years!


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