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I am so excited to report that one of my (new) envelope clutches has been featured in the March issue of Lucky Magazine!

You know how Lucky has the “local listings” on the back page? That’s where this appears in the DC/Baltimore editions. Subscribers in the area will get issues with this page, but you can also find these issues at local bookstores and such.

I can’t say how exciting this is! Not only have I been a Lucky subscriber for a long time, so this is awesome in that way, it is especially cool to be noticed by local editors, just like last spring when my travel collection was mentioned in Daily Candy DC.

Some of you old-timers might recognize this fabric from several seasons ago, when I used a green and brown version on the classic and the envelope clutch. Both versions of the fabric came from MOOD in New York City, but I bought them almost two years apart. Isn’t that funny? Anyway I love them both, I still have a tiny bit of the green and brown version left, and you’ll probably see the red and orange version on something else sometime soon. Stay tuned, because the complete spring collection will be online soon!


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