three years later…

You guys, I finally did it. I signed up for NaNoWriMo! I’ve completely lost my head. I’ve wanted to do it since 2005, but have always managed to let November creep up on me, or talk myself out of it at the last moment. What makes this year any different? I have no idea. I certainly don’t have any more time in November than I did back in 2005: two out of town shows plus the DEKKA trunk show plus the new travel collection plus prepping for the holiday show plus traveling for Thanksgiving and that’s not including the day job! Something just grabbed a hold of me last week and made me take the plunge. Then I had a flash of inspiration for a story, and that was the last straw. Actually, I still don’t technically have a “storyline” per se (something has to eventually happen in a novel, right?); more like a general theme, plus a few fully formed characters jumped into my head and have refused to leave me alone. Perhaps later in the month I will feel brave enough to share my idea. 🙂

Anyway I am weirdly excited about it. I’ve been trying to recruit all of my friends and family, but so far only a few have taken the bait. I think it’s going to be an amazing challenge and a really great creative exercise – I love the emphasis on creating without looking back, without stressing about making every little thing perfect. I think obsessing over details can sometimes get in the way of progress and creativity, and that sometimes your inner critic/editor/whatever does you more harm than good. Certainly the ruthless deadline and the seemingly-just-out-of-reach word count goal (50,000 words by November 30) will go a long way in quieting that annoying voice! In the interest of accountability, I have installed the word-count widget to the sidebar! Let’s hope for the best, shall we? 🙂 If any of you out there are doing it, comment with your WriMo user name and we can be writing buddies!


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  1. Hi!
    I’m participating in WriMo this year. Last year ended with a dismal word count but I’m trying it again. 🙂 I’m nightowl32 on the WriMo site.

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