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fall collection!
Check it out, y’all, the fall collection is finally ready! I really think this is my favorite collection so far. I am absolutely in love with every single one of the eighteen new looks for the wristlet, classic, and envelope clutch. Yes, that means in the past I haven’t totally loved all of them. I confess! This paisley just about killed me when I first saw it in the store:

You’ll notice there’s a good bit of paisley, wild botanicals, and bright colors in this collection, plus my not-so-new favorite thing, embroidery on wool. I’ve also done a few things a little differently, including the use of applique on the envelope clutch above, but I’ve also made my own patchwork fabric for the first time!

I got this fabric from Purl Patchwork in Soho this August; I was very drawn to the odd combination of colors and patterns. I knew immediately I wanted to make this into patchwork. I wanted the wristlet to be all dots and stripes, so I didn’t use the solid color squares or airplane-patterned squares. It was way fun and not as much extra work as I thought it might be!

clearance sale!
Of course, when a new collection comes along, there’s also a clearance sale, and this month is no different. Newsletter subscribers (as always) got first crack at the sale this morning, and you’ll see that a few things are already sold out. It pays to be an insider, people, I keep trying to tell you. 🙂 You’ll notice that the passport cases are on sale as well, including several that have never been available online before. I am cleaning house because the next travel collection (planned for next month, we’ll see…) will feature an all-new passport case, so the old ones must go. Enjoy, and be advised there’s only one of each colorway left!

project runway
Sigh…I just always seem to lose interest once fashion week rolls around and I actually see their collections. I’ve missed the last two episodes, and the mis-match between what goes on on the show (zomg! only three of us get to go to Bryant Park, oh noes!) and reality just rubs me the wrong way. You know what else rubs me the wrong way? Kenley. SHUT UP AND GO AWAY, KENLEY. I feel much better now.

new york fashion week
Speaking of Bryant Park…you should go to New York Magazine online and check out the shows of all your faves, or at *least* the Project Runway shows (there are also slideshows from London, Milan, and Paris fashion week for Spring 2009). It is painfully obvious which of the Project Runway kids belong and which do not. Speaking of fitting in, you MUST check out Christian Siriano’s show…it is absolutely gorgeous. I thought his collection was way better than many of the established designers showing in New York…really.

Part of the reason that I have been neglecting the blog (in addition to getting the fall collection together) has been the preparation, anticipation, and recovery from the big show at the day job. I spent all of last week recovering from the conference, which actually went very very well. Still, it was completely exhausting. My coworkers and I all have funny little stories about silly things we’d done over the course of the week due to sleep deprivation. I learned one important thing, though: I *love* Seattle! It was totally gorgeous the whole time we were there, and the air is cleaner there, I swear it. My sinuses have never been so happy. My theory is that although it is rainy there, it is not humid, and thus lacks the swampy moldiness of the DC area. Anyway, I hope to go back one day soon.

do the right thing
It’s nearly that time! If you haven’t registered to vote, there is still time. I am proud to say that I have voted in every single state, local and federal election for which I have been eligible to do so, since I first registered to vote in my 12th grade government class. Voting is serious business and our Constitutional right and responsibility, that should not be taken lightly nor for granted! So just do it. Here are links for you locals: Virginia, DC, and Maryland.


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