revenge of the indie designer

Once upon a time there was a clever, talented lady named Nicole who made handbags from her own unique patterns. Because they were so unique and well made, they became wildly successful, with writeups in all the most fabulous fashion magazines. Then, a soulless mass market clothier thought they’d steal her design and sell it for much less and nobody would notice, and they’d rake in the cash in the mean time. Well, guess what. Nicole noticed, and she made them stop. Read all about it here.

I know that the less talented and the uncreative will always try and poach on those with imagination and vision. I know that rampant copying has been part of the fashion business forever, and I also know that big businesses will always try and stomp all over small businesses. But that doesn’t make it okay, and that doesn’t mean that we have to put up with it.


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  1. Valerie, have a wonderful, productive time this weekend. Anne will be here with us, and so she will see me with my wristlet!! so chic.

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