so sleepy

I am a rockstar. (and you thought I was a handbag designer….) This weekend the girls and I really pulled out all the stops! Friday night was a bachelorette party (the summertime urban cocktail party is this weekend!). It was at a country western bar. Luckily I had a gigantic belt buckle to wear, purchased on a trip to San Antonio for the Day Job. It is official gear from the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association. I swear I am not making that up!

Saturday was a trunk show featuring the lovely and talented Swank Creations and You Lucky Girl jewelry design ~ naturally I bought goodies from both of them! We had more partying and more dancing planned for Saturday night, but that did not stop anyone from partaking in the serious shopping spree that ensued, involving both downtown DC and northern Virginia, all of us in heels and dripping in our new You Lucky Girl jewelry. Naturally the social obligations didn’t stop for Sunday…but what can you do, it’s summer!

The bottom line is that it’s Monday, I’ve lost my voice, my feet hurt, and my *eyes* hurt I am so tired. Yet I still got some business done! I had a lunch meeting today where I made a sale (only one chocolate candy wristlet left people!), and delivered a custom order to my pal Jenn, and I’m getting some new packaging designed for the summer Sampler. Now, however, I’m going to sleep. 🙂


5 thoughts on “so sleepy

  1. Thanks for the link Valerie! You are fabulous! Good on ya for partying it up all weekend. I, too, could use a quick nap and cup of cammomile. Best wishes!

    Swank Creations

  2. So my new bag kicks ass. And it has helped me in all those little nervous moments when I think “I hate first (and second) days” cause I don’t know what I’m doing. I look at it and smile. 🙂

  3. Hey Val,
    What a fab website… and what a way to get those (SO many) thoughts out there without feelng self-conscious. Having said that, I agree with everything you’ve posted. Hope my birthday prezzie includes some of your stuff!
    Lots of love xxx

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