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I clearly learned nothing from last weekend. More partying, more shopping…not so much with the sleeping. But sleeplessness has its advantages! I was planning on contributing only a bunch of my skinny wallets to the HHG (which, by the way, will be open for sign-ups on June 1), but one recent evening when I should have been going to bed early I came up with this instead:

makeup bag set

A set of three makeup/accessory bags. The biggest one has a 9″ zipper closure and darts at the bottom to make it extra roomy inside. The middle one also has a 9″ zipper but lies flat and is about an inch shorter, and the small one has a 7″ zipper and is super cute. 🙂

I made a whole slew of the smallest ones a while ago, as my very first contribution to The Sampler. I’ll be sending a few of those into the HHG as well:

They look small but are actually quite useful. Not to mention adorable! Anyway, the set may eventually make its way on to the web site, but I’m not promising anything. Right now I think I’ll make a few for Renegade to see how people like them in real life. In addition to these guys, I will contribute my apple green & black skinny wallet (as promised) and the koi fish classic handbag to the Summer Happily Handmade Giveaway! Remember, starting June 1, sign up early and often. 🙂


2 thoughts on “new stuff!

  1. Must remember about the HHG. and the early and OFTEN part. I only signed up once last time.

    YAY Perfect Pants!

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