green is the new black

Lately I’ve been obsessed with apple green. It’s all over my living and dining rooms in the form of pillows, candles, placemats, etc. So when I found the perfect shade buried in my fabric stash, I knew I had to use it on my newest item, the skinny wallet. Check it out:

Holland Cox skinny wallet in apple green and black

I think this one will be one of my contributions to the summer HHG. I’ve got a stack of them in progress for Renegade already, but I plan on adding them to the web site by the end of the month. They’ll be available in (almost) all of the colorways currently on the site, plus a few new ones…perhaps featuring the lovely apple green!


3 thoughts on “green is the new black

  1. Hey, interesting about that apple green color. I love the bag! I love the kaleidoscope of colors used. And I am already picturing it in some festive rasta colors. Red, gold black and green. Guess who?

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