freaking out

So, I just got back from Chicago for the Day Job. The presentation went really well, and since this kind of thing is my favorite part about the Day Job, I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

But I just lost 2 whole sewing days, my apartment is a mess, there is *literally* a stack of things on my desk that I MUST finish tomorrow, and I have to start thinking about the dull part of preparing for Renegade, like getting a tent and tables and where to store them overnight and boring things like that. And I have a sore throat but I refuse to get sick.

I also have a ton of social engagements coming up in the next few weeks that I refuse to reschedule or cancel. It’s finally summer, I can’t stay inside all the time!!

Oh yeah and three custom orders due next week. Hmm. Maybe I should get off the computer? And ignore that my latest Netflix movie came today?


One thought on “freaking out

  1. I must return the complement – you can do it, Val! That stress just fuels you on. But, yeah, ignoring that new netflix is probably the right thing. 🙂 Not the social engagements though. he he.

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