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Regularly people ask me for fashion advice. How to accessorize or what to wear to just about anything ~ interviews, parties, first dates, weddings, funerals. I don’t know why~ not that I mind, I love fashion! But I hope it’s because they like my style, and not because I’m always criticizing others or droning on about life or death issues like whether blondes should wear gray or if red is a neutral. I would hate to think I sound like the fashion people I like to mock on TV and in glossy magazines. 🙂

So I was chatting today with the bride of one of the three weddings I’ll be going to this summer, and she was at a loss on how to advise her guests on what to wear to her reception. Everyone’s gotten at least one invitation with a seemingly meaningless description of what to wear: “dark suit” or “white tie” or my favorite, “smart casual.” Then there is the daily struggle at the Day Job on the specific definition of “business casual”…but that is a separate issue!

Anyway, in the tradition of silly fashion categories, I invented one just for her. Since she and her fiance are fun-loving West Coasters and the reception is being held at a cute little Latin-themed club, I christened her dress code “summertime urban cocktail party.” What do you think? I think it’s descriptive enough for the non-fashion types and pretentious enough for the fashionistas. I should start my own glossy mag. 😉


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