windowpane check

denim high style


You’ve probably noticed I love to design and sew with denim. I have used it in every single collection since I started Holland Cox in 2004! I’ve used it on every accessory and every style of handbag. I use it so much because I love to wear it, and I truly believe it can work […]

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how to style a maxi skirt, part 4: oooo shiny!

how to wear it

  black and gold and roses by hollandcox   Even solid colored maxi skirts can feel quite dramatic when you’re used to a more subdued silhouette. But what about a maxi skirt that’s bold, bright, and shiny? Just because something has a little shine doesn’t mean you can’t wear it during the day! As always, […]

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stripes go with everything, part 5: advanced print mixing

how to wear it

  how to mix prints: stripes go with everything by hollandcox   Stripes go with everything…so when it comes time to experiment with mixing prints, why not mix a bunch of stripes together? Wearings prints (and mixing them!) can permanently solve your problem of what to wear to work without looking boring. This blouse and […]

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stripes go with everything, part 4: windowpane check

the anjelica tote how to wear it

  windowpane check by hollandcox   Windowpane check is one of my favorite patterns – it’s really just stripes masquerading as a plaid! It looks good in any color combination, and can be made appropriate for any occasion. This midi skirt is a great foundation for an outfit to wear to the office (click the […]

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