You might think a versatile bag for a busy CEO would have to be neutral for her to get the most use out of it.

Similarly, you might assume that a student would need a bag that was practical above all else – she wouldn’t have time or money to switch bags constantly!

You would be absolutely right in these assumptions! Except…those words don’t mean what you think they mean.


the student and the ceo


Practical does not mean “plain,” and neutral does not mean black or brown!

The anjelica tote bag pairs dark blue denim with bright red ultra suede, and a bold windowpane check in gold stitching.

She is bold and bright and not at all plain, but most importantly: abundant in versatile style!

The anjelica tote is perfect for the student, because red looks great with all the purple and blue she likes to wear. It’s big enough to hold everything she’d need for a full day on campus, and it will seamlessly transition to summer when she starts her internship!

inside the anjelica tote bag

The CEO makes a bold statement with the anjelica tote because – let’s face it – everyone she works with is probably carrying a plain black bag. Their briefcases probably came from a place where there are at least a hundred other bags just like it. The anjelica tote is sophisticated enough for her needs without being boring, but also helps her stand out in the crowd!

Both ladies get to be effortlessly, uniquely stylish carrying the same tote bag, even though they have drastically different lifestyles. Click here to see more of the anjelica tote, and imagine how she could help you feel effortlessly stylish!



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