evolution collection handbags from Holland Cox


I’m just a few days away from launching my next collection, and I wanted to give you a little preview!

I’m always looking to create accessories to wear and use that elevate the everyday. I believe the things you use everyday should be worthy of your daily attention, and that something doesn’t have to be plain to be practical.

The six handbags at the center of the collection are all designed with that Holland Cox philosophy: they are bold, bright, and ready to make every outfit you wear with them an escape from the ordinary.

(I can’t wait to share all my styling ideas I have for each one!)


button scarf with hand painted detail from Holland Cox


Six new button scarves are on the way as well, this time designed especially for fall, and lined in soft and flexible essex linen. The linen/cotton blend gives them just enough weight to wear comfortably during those autumn months that can’t decide between hot and cold.

The button scarves feature bold prints, shine, and one-of-a-kind stitching to elevate all your favorite outfits into something outstanding. You’ll never fade into the background wearing Holland Cox!


fabric watch rolls from Holland Cox


My best selling gift from last year was my fabric watch roll, so of course I made you a brand-new batch! These make amazing gifts, perfect for the gents (and ladies!) you know who take their watches very seriously.

I’ve stitched and painted on denim and canvas to create unique fabric worthy of storing your precious cargo…is waxed canvas or (ugh) nylon really good enough for you & your time pieces?


perfect zip pouches from Holland Cox

Finally, the collection is rounded out by six of my perfect zip pouches. Since I started designing and sewing accessories more than a dozen years ago, I have made literally hundreds of zip pouches in various shapes and sizes. I can confidently say that this one is my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to show them all to you!

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